Note: the WebEx link has changed on Tuesday. Check your email for the new link.

Instructions for joining PAM2021

The PAM conference will be provided to you via WebEx (audio + video). We run WebEx in the event mode (similar to CoNEXT), which means that only the speakers and sessions chairs (“panelists”) can speak and share their video - as participant, you cannot unmute yourself. If you’d like to speak, indicate this in the Slack chat and we can unmute you. We provide instructions below on how to join WebEx.

All questions will be asked via Slack and then read out by the session chairs. Please make sure to join Slack (see the instructions below) to participate in the discussion.

Joining WebEx

There are several ways to participate in this Webex event. We recommend using the Webex application. Alternatively, you can join directly via browser or through the temporary application. In case you want to join via Webex (available for Windows and macOS), please install the application if not done yet. Now click on the WebEx Meeting link sent to you by mail. You will be asked to install the Webex browser extension (for Mozilla Firefox it looks like this):

Once the installation is complete, click again on the link provided and type in your information or type in the meeting ID and password. Now the event should start.

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Joining Slack

We will be using the [SIGCOMM Slack] for PAM2021 and have created a dedicated discussion channel for each technical session and keynote and one general channel (#pam2021-general). Please see the channels on the program page.

If you have not yet joined the SIGCOMM Slack, please use this invitation link to join.

Info for speakers

You need to join by using the Cisco WebEx desktop client (participants that only listen can also join by using the web browser). Please join the WebEx session 10 minutes before your session and identify you to your session chair, so that we can make you a panelist for this session. Also make sure to monitor Slack after your talk to participate in discussions that are concerning your paper.

You don’t need to share any content - we have received your talk video and play it back. Please be ready to handle the Q&A after the playback of your talk stopped and your session chair opens the floor for questions.